Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This is a post to cover yesterday and today! I've been back to work so everything is cramming in! But doing this for Zac is a priority. It helps me get through my days, too. And i just love the idea of having this for Zac. Yesterday was a good day. Zac told me they would be arriving in Dutch Harbor, AK sometime shortly, which made me happy because it meant they made their first trek safe. I came home and had a great night with Dave and Shannon, and Gage of course. Shannon and I had a date too watch "The Bachelor" and we cooked! I made roasted seasoned asparagus and she made these amazing taco cups :) We just had a wonderful night altogether. I am a little upset though. I took so many great pictures last night and my camera is at home still and I'm at my moms :( so i will post them on here as soon as i go home. But we cant not have pictures! so here's a couple that i forgot to post of Gage since Zac has been gone:

hes my little boy now, not my baby :(

I'm always catching him in Tucker's dog food. I haven't caught him eating yet thank goodness!

Yesterday, Zac told me he was proud to be my husband. And that hit home with me. Someone saying they're proud of me has always touched my heart... but coming from the love of your life it was relationship- changing in a way. I felt so loved (even more) by the person I am so proud to call my husband.Thank you for saying that baby, it meant more that you will ever know.

Yesterday morning was the last message I had received from Zac, and I had been getting them about twice a day... so I got a little worried. Which i shouldn't, God is taking care of him. And I know this. But then today around 11.... Facebook said "Messages (1)" I PRAYED IT WAS HIM! And it was. He let me know he loved Gage and I, that he looked forward to seeing us soon; that they would be reaching Dutch Harbor today and that he started working 16 hour days tonight, bumping it up from 12. He also told me it was cold. I assured him that anything he needed and couldn't buy on the boat just to let me know and I would have a package mailed immediately. It was so nice hearing from him during my LONG day at work. We had our Starbucks DM visit today, plus the longest shift in history, plus pure boredom being alone for like the whole day. I came to my moms for my hour lunch to see my little guy and when I left look who peaked out the window to wave bye and look adorable for mama (sorry its so blurry, didn't have time to focus on my cell phone) :

I didnt want to leave him.

I rented movies, picked up stuff for dinner (asparagus again:), and my mom and i decided weve have a girls and Gage movie night :) I rented "The (word i cant remember) Year" with Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin- most stupid movie ever; Drive, and Dolphin Tale (my mom wanted to see  that one) needless to say Gage and my mom are both asleep, the only movie part was watched was the stupid one, and Im here writing hoping it will help pass the time. I miss Zac...

Ok, so during the dumb movie, Dave texted me and said you can see zacs boat on the tracker again! I ran to the computer, pulled the link from my favorites, and typed Katie Ann. There they were! Almost to Dutch Harbor (Dutch as the fisherman say it! Zac told me that one:) It was so exciting seeing where they were, it was like I was there with him. I texted him hoping he had service, and Facebook'd him letting him know we saw him and were still praying! He messaged me back a couple hours later saying he loved me, missed gage and i, and how it was the most beautiful place hed ever seen! Hey, maybe we'll move there some day? He went on saying how eagles were landing on there ship and "The Deadliest Catch" boats were there also. He then had to start his first of many 16 hour shifts and would message me tomorrow. I cant wait :) who wouldnt think this is beautiful though?

I wish I was there with him. I miss him and cannot wait til he's home. I'm falling asleep. I need sleep. Gage has been very restless in his sleep about the last week, add his sleeping habits to your prayers too :)

God, i thank you Zac and his boat and crew made it safely. I pray that every trip out and back in for offload is just as safe. I also pray for a successful fishing season and you return Zac and every other person home safely. I know you have him in Your hands. Keep him there always. Thank you

We trust in you Lord,
I love you forever and ever, babe,

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  1. It really struck me when you wrote that "the fishermen call it Dutch" that ... Zac is really a fisherman! It just sunk in. Can you believe it took me this long? :)

    That is so spectacularly beautiful! Dave told me that you texted him that, and I was just amazed that Zac said that. I told Dave it really MUST be beautiful if Zac thought to comment on it. I've always wanted to go to Alaska, but even more so now!

    Sorry you had such a long day at work :( Hey! I made your asparagus again yesterday! I couldn't help myself. That was SO good. I don't think I'll ever make it another way again :)

    Zac ... if you're reading this ... we love and miss you SO much. But I can't even begin to tell you how proud your dad and I are of you. You are really doing this. We can't wait till you get home and we can all sit down and listen to your stories. Let us know what you're hungry for and Britt and I will make it for you! (She's becoming some kind of cook, let me tell you :)


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