Friday, February 3, 2012

His First Catch

Zac and his crew have been out in the Bering Sea fishing for two days now. 16 hour days. "work sleep work sleep work sleep" is exac tly how Zac described it to me. And the everyday message to me i appreciate so much :) Today I got a message from him saying they pulled in their first net this morning at 4 am and that it was so cool! He said that he saw crabs, sting rays, and really awesome fish! I wish he had a camera and was allowed to take pictures for me here at home :) I miss him so much... he asked me if I did... and i reassured him... I miss and and love and want only him. I look forward to hearing from him so much!

Today I had an eight hour closing shift at work. Its been a while since i've closed so it was weird! And LONG. Yesterday I booked two photo shoots. One for tomorrow- two little girls for a Valentine's Day shoot, and the other is later on in the month for a Christian Band. So excited for both! Gage stayed with my mom today while I worked, and when I got off we all head to Michaels for Valentine decor for my shoot tomorrow :) Shannon MADE me a chalk board! how amazing is she? This is exactly what I wanted:

I will be posting pictures late showing how it worked out :)

Gage is just a doll and i know Zac thinks the same :) this is a Mickey Mouse can Santa got him for and... hes standing inside of it...

And in this one he's saying more in sign language! How smart is my little guy? We were either eating or clapping for him and he wanted more :)

And sorry about the picture quality these were all taken on my phone!

Tonight at the end of the night, Tucker was "tuckered" out and Gage wanted to start snuggle time with him:

My eyes are shutting right now... Im sorry this post is so short and random. Thanks for reading. Another one tomorrow! It'll be better I promise :) and i've found my Power of a Praying wife finally! So another prayer :) finally! Good night my love, we miss you.. and love you forever.

Forever and ever,babe,


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