Sunday, January 29, 2012

"It's Fun!"

Today was a long day. I worked from 6-2:30. Work was pretty busy which was nice... it helped time pass a little faster. When I got off I went back over to my moms but knew today I was going home! I haven't been home since Zac left.. it seems so weird. My mom was getting ready to go out to her friends that night, Aunt Christa and Sam were being picked up by my Uncle Chris, and Gage and I would be leaving then. My mom let me do her make up :) :

She looked beautiful. Meanwhile, Gage was a busy little bee. He was sitting with Sam and had my phone and although this isn't a good picture, you can see what Gage was doing:

He really misses you, Zac. He kept saying Daa over and over, and touching your face and zooming in and out... he misses you dearly.
Gage was a wild man! After that, he jumped down and ran to my moms room, wanted up on the bed and just sat and smiled:

And then ran in the bathroom where she was getting ready to find hangers:

And then he just looks up st you so cute-ly :

I just love that boy and I know Zac does too... and I know Gage loves us. My mom then left and we come home :) I loaded our car with 5 different laundry baskets full of clothes and other miscellaneous items.

We came home and immediately came into Dave and Shannon's... our neighbors of 20 feet :) She had my favorite meal made... Chicken and walnut crusted Gorgonzola cheese with this Dijon dressing over lettuce with candied walnuts... oh.. my.. word. And she bought us each a cupcake from "Stanwood Cupcakes" for dessert :) Gage was running around like a wild man! He was the man of many hats tonight:

He put Zac's baseball hat on himself. It fell off and Shannon had to help him put it on in this next picture. When I saw this picture I thought "He looks just like Zac!" I showed Shannon and I pulled up a picture to prove it. Zac is gonna probably kill me for this... but just look at those bellies! :

Just look at those pants pulled up over their bellies! I love my boys and I'm proud to call them mine :)

Gage also missed Papa:

And Felix; Gage just wanted to snuggle with him:

Usually Papa and Gage have water together. And they did, but he went over to Grandma and drank it too. Not only did Gage cover himself in water, he covered Shannon too! He would take a drink and then stick his tongue out and blow. Take a look:

Its great being home.. but I still haven't been out to our house. Its weird. My husband isn't out there waiting for me.. and wont be for three to five months. I have to go out and clean and live as normally as I can for Gage and I.. but I just don't want to. We'll see what happens tomorrow!

The reason this post is called "It's Fun" is because of the message Zac sent me yesterday. It doesn't surprise me he'd say this, I was just shocked he actually said it!

hey babe im heading to bed i just switched rooms today with some way cleaner guys im stoked plus we work the same shift and were all friends so its pretty cool i love you guys and miss you tell me how things are going by the way everyone is sooo sick hahah im not though and ya i think my boss is happy with how im working i wanna work on deck like actually do the fishing and nets process but it prob wont happen, i love you so much and ill message you when i get up, also the waves are huge out here its been non-stop crazy weather since we left but its fun and sea sick was a b**** you feel like youre dying haha its weird.but give gagey kisses tell him his daddy loves him and cant wait to spend time with him, and you of course:)

Apparently the Bering Sea waves are fun! I just hope those waves take care of my love. I pray every day that God have those waves on the Katie Ann's side. That the waves don't go against them. Let them arrive in Dutch Harbor safely each time, and then back home again. I was happy to hear he had switched rooms, i think it will make things a lot more enjoyable.

You wouldn't believe how many times I refresh my messages hoping I have a new one from Zac. I have heard from him everyday, which is so amazing! I have pure Joy when i see hes messaged us.

I am so upset because I forgot my book at my moms so i cant write her prayers on here today! But I am going back tomorrow because my gramma is watching Gage Monday so I'll get it then :) I'm gonna go try and clean my room. Will let you know tomorrow!

We Trust in You, Lord,
We love you forever and ever, babe,

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