Monday, January 23, 2012

The Power of a Praying Wife

Today was the first day I didn't see me husband. It was hard but I have complete and total faith our Lord is taking care of Zac, so that made things easier. I started reading "The Power of a Praying Wife" today. I scanned the chapters and found the title reading "His Protection" and immediately started reading there, even though it was chapter 12 :) In this she writes "He promises that he will be 'a shield to those who put their trust in Him'" (Proverbs 30:5). That hit home with me. My little family, Gage included I believe, has total trust in God cause that's all we have right now. I trust you, Lord.

Zac started work on the boat last night at 8PM and worked until 8 this morning. They were supposed to "steam north" (Zac said that's the lingo I need to use to be a fisherman) this morning but has now been postponed until tomorrow at noon. So, more waiting. But! It was great because that meant I got to text him on his phone another day! When his phone loses service we will then switch to email. Every crew member gets a half an hour a day.

I have been trying to keep myself busy to pass the time of missing him so much; so here was mine and Gage's day at a glance!

Gage fell asleep wonderfully last night and me not so much.. I was up til 4 staring at my phone just hoping i would get a "Hi baby" from Zac one more time. But I didn't... he was working so hard and I am so proud of him. But I did eventually :)  Gage and I had a very lazy morning. We have been staying with my mom the last week due to the snow that was here and my aunt and grandma were also here last night to stay and they all disappeared this morning for appointments so it was just my baby and I. We watched Mickey Mouse Club House and ate left over bread sticks for breakfast... followed by an everything bagel. And then I thought to myself Gage has been copying everything lately so I decided to start teaching him words. He knows ball, meow, dad, and mom. I started talking about "Da" and showing him pictures of Zac and him this previous week in the snow. I was telling Gage all about what his dad would be doing for the next 3-5 months. I said "Gager, say 'fish'" and he then said "ish." Zac we will have that down by the time you return :) Shannon then posted a link to my Facebook wall. It was a link where I can track his boat! And let me tell you, that became an obsession of mine for about four hours because I still hadn't heard from him. But then it came... Right after my mom came and hugged me, reassured me Zac was just sleeping and would get back to me when he could my phone made its annoying little noise. It read "Hubby: Hi baby!!!" Ah, I was so excited! And I know ill be that excited every time I get an email or message from him. (I love you.)

On this website, it shows a picture of Katie Ann. Here she is (three years ago):

Since this picture, its all been redone! All new electronics inside and the outside looked much better when I saw it I think.

Tonight we went to my great aunts birthday dinner at Parasio's here in town. We took a picture for Zac after getting ready and sent him this with a message saying "We are so proud of you. We with you were coming with us, love and miss you Daa."

I'm so thankful for my husband. I'm going to start reading my book again. Here is the prayer that followed later in the chapter:

Lord, I pray that You would protect Zac from any accidents, diseases, dangers, or evil influences. Keep him safe, especially in cars and boats. Hide him from violence and the plans of evil people. Wherever he walks, secure his steps. Keep him on Your path so that his feet don't slip (Psalm 17:5). If his foot does slip, hold him up by your mercy (Psalm 94:18). Give him the wisdom and discretion that will help him walk safely and not fall into danger (Proverbs 3:21-23). Be his fortress, strength, shield, and stronghold (Psalm 18:2,3) Make him to dwell in the shadow of Your wings (Psalm 91:1-2). Be his rock, salvation, and defense, so that he will not be moved or shaken (Psalm 62:6). I pray that even though bad things may be happening all around him, they will not come near him (Psalm 91:7). Save him from any plans of the enemy that seek to destroy his life (Psalm 103:4). Preserver his going out and coming in from this time forth and even forevermore (Psalm 121:8).

We trust in You Lord,


  1. There really is no power quite like that of a praying wife ... we're so glad you're on the job :)

    That is just the cutest picture of you and Gagey!

    1. thank you :) and yes im praying, hard and often.

  2. Ethan and I love and miss you Zac!! Stay safe out there and come home to your family safe and sound!!

  3. Love that book, Brittney. Praying for your hubs and for you and Gage! Sweet blog. :)

    -Kim U.

  4. Power of a Praying Wife is a great book! I used it to make prayer cards like the ones here and I put them in a little photo album I keep near my bed to remind me to pray daily :)

    Hugs and prayers from a military wife who knows all too well what you are going through!


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