Friday, January 27, 2012

Long night

Sorry I didn't do a post last night. I had to open at work this morning and I was so tired... it was  along hard night for Gage and I. This post will be about our day yesterday and tonight I promise to have another written about our day, today.

Yesterday I went back to work. I missed being lazy and wearing nothing but yoga pants and a hoodie. But, on the other hand it was really nice to be busy. I didn't have time to sit and wonder.. or worry. My work day was a short one. I came back to my moms to spend time with my aunt and cousin who are here for just a few more days. And I must say its really nice having Sam here especially. Sam just got back from being on the boats for seven months. So whenever I worry or question why I haven't heard from him, Sam explains whats happening and what Zac is going through then reassures me Zac loves me and he is ok. After I got to my moms we got out of the house and tried to keep busy! We went to Fred Myers and Gage rode the 25 cent horse ride... he didn't know what to think:

And today we also had sun! Its been a long time coming! It seems to have been snow and rain the last month at least! Here was Gage embracing the sun :)

I really miss Zac. Since he left two nights ago, I haven't heard from him again... I have to be understand that he is working 12-16 hours a day, is probably seasick and i know he is tired. I just wished i know from his words that he was ok. That's all i want.

Last night i didn't read my book. I was just too tired. Although I still prayed. I prayed once with Gage as he fell asleep; I prayed when I fell asleep the first time; I prayed every time I thought of it; and I prayed hard last night when I woke up in sheer worry.

I don't know if I had a bad dream or if I'm just overwhelmed. Gage woke up just screaming like he'd had a terrible dream about midnight... I had to be up at 5. I had patience with him, rocked him to sleep, and prayed over him and his sleep. Once Gage fell asleep, I just cried. I cried out to God as tears unloaded. I prayed that God would guide the waves and the ship. I prayed he would clear the men's minds on the ship, especially the captains. I prayed for safe hands, and peace over Katie Ann. I plead the Blood over the boat, and cover it with God's love. And so so much more.

I love you, Zac.

Oh! And this shirt is just for you :) :
"My dads tattoos are cooler than yours." 
I hope I hear from you soon.
Love you forever and ever, babe,

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