Saturday, January 28, 2012

Love is Patient

As I said, last night was a very long night. I was up at 430 this morning to open at my job. I came home just sad I still hadn't heard from Zac.. I am a worry wart.. just ask him :) Gage is teething really bad. So before I came home i bought him Tylenol, milk (loves his bottles still,) and some Popsicles. And oh, boy! did he like those Popsicles!

this was when he first saw it, as he was throwing the ball to Tucker my moms dog.

this was his first taste, and let me tell you- he did not want to stop licking it!

and here is when he was all done and his teeth were a little better :)

My mom had an appointment so it was just Sam, Gage, and I, and we decided to do some runnin' around! I had to go by the bank, Sam wanted Taco Bell with Gage, and then we went to Target because I had to get Gage some more diapers. And still.. no word from Zac. Gage got his first batch of pull-up's today! He has a problem of diapers hanging off him down to his knees after just one pee... so my aunt told me to try these cause they may fit more snug. and they did! here is a pic daa for Gage's first pair! :

It may look like a diaper.. and it is. BUT! its a pull up. We have one up on diapers now :) and they don't sag!

OK, I have to get to the best part of the day. I pretty much check my phone every two minutes for Facebook to say "Messages(1)" because i hoped it was Zac... and today.. it happened! He is ok :)))) He messaged saying he loved Gage and I and sorry he hadn't messaged sooner he had just been throwing up because his acid reflux is so bad! And THEN! In the middle of writing this tonight.. my Facebook made a noise. I asked Sam if he messaged me and he said no, so I looked and it was Zac! So we got to instant message about four messages a piece tonight about midnight on his break! Ah! It felt so good and peaceful and comforting knowing he is doing good out there. He said weather is crazy and waves are huge so it definitely took some getting used to but he was over that part now! Thank you all for so many prayers. There is praying happening from here to Texas and back. It means so much to me and I know Zac and Gage feel the same!

Please add Zacs acid reflux to the prayer list now! That seems to be the worst part for him! Safety, always. I have an early morning again... i have to be up in 4 hours. I think I should go to bed. I am sleeping in peace tonight knowing Zac.. is ok. Gage is ok... and right now, I am ok. God, give me peace. Hold Zac, and let Him know you are there all the time, even in the Bering Sea. Goodnight all. Goodnight my love. Goodnight Lord. Give Zac good dreams and a peaceful mind and a healed stomach.

We trust in you lord.
Love you forever and ever, babe,


  1. Prayers farther than Texas are going up....add Georgia to the list! Just wish I could figure out how to find Katie Ann on the Ship tracking thing...


  2. Ummm, yeah. Michigan too. God bless this family!!!


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