Monday, March 5, 2012

Long Overdue Update

Exactly what the title says: this is a LONG OVERDUE update. I'm gonna give you updates on us all Zac, Gage and I :) stuff thats happening in the family and so on..

Zac is doing amazing. I cant tell him enough or anyone i talk to about him how proud i truly now. Words cant even describe.  Most 23 year old men arent married with a child.. and if they do have a child, most dont take responsibilty (sorry for being so blunt.) Where Zac and I are today did not happen over night. I am so proud of who he is as a person, husband, father, friend, and son. I love him. Last week Zac worked 36 hours straight, slept for two hours then went back to work for another 17 hours.... you have no idea how bad that hit home with me. I catch myself saying 'i dont wanna go to work, its gonna be the LONGEST DAY' waah waah self. The most i work is 8 hours in a day. I have a whole new level of respect for my husband. Hes been in Dutch Harbor twice now to off load and hes called me both times from his friends phone! Oh my goodness it was so good to talk. On my facebook earlier this week i said something about being missed/missing zac is bittersweet. I of course want my husband home and want to be with him this instant. But there is something about being missed that is so special. It lets you know the person cares, wants you, etc. I have never been so secure in my life knowing how Zac really feels. And getting the chance to miss him i learn more and more everyday how strong my feelings are and that i want to spend my life with him and no one else.

Ok, on to Gage. This little man is hilarious, loving, crazy, and slightly starting to test his limits. In Zac's parents' house, they have a wood stove. The stove sits on stone that stratches out about two feet farther. Gage used to NEVER even touch the harth (the stone ground.) and now.... one day he put one finger, then a foot, then stood on it.. all while looking at me knowing he shouldnt be. I let him do it because i didnt want to yell now, possibly startling him and him falling or anthting like that. I walked over to him, lifeted him off and proceeded to explain that he could get hurt, that the stove his hot, and so on. Now were all doing this. He does it at least once a day. Oh, while were on the topic- Gage was saying ha- for hot, hes now added the "t" at the end and has turned it into a full "hot" just as of last night.

Gages vocabulsry now consits of:
Bumpa- Grandpa
Ma- Grandma
Mama- Mom
Da- Dad
Elbow (he has a serious fetish with biting them...weird, i know)
Baba- Bottle

He will soon be saying full sentences. I want so badly for him to be able to say "I love you Da" by the time he gets home. I think that would be the most amazing welcome home present EVER.

Gage is a fun-loving crack up who does the River Dance. Thats the best sum i can come up with.

And i am boring- nothing new with me. I am trying to get my photography buisness set in stone and make investments into my buisness. i want a professional grade website, a new lens to get the look and capture my style i want to portray perfectly. I am getting my prices, and guidlines all set in stone so not only clients take me seriously, but so i take myself seriously. I am excited for this journey and hope i can continue to learn and grow. I am still only working 3 days a week which i am loving because of all this time i have with Gage now. its amazing. I am counting down the days til i turn 21 and Zac and i get to take our fun Vegas trip. And most importantly, i am striving everyday to be a better wife and mother than i was the day before. i love my little family.

I love you Zac, forever and ever.
Im glad you feel the same.