Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's All a Blur

The days seem to be blurring together now. The only reason I know what day of the week it is because its Superbowl and I work tomorrow. Otherwise I wouldnt know night from day. Zac says its like that out there, he doesnt know night from day working his 16.5 hour shifts and then sleeping. That must be weird.

Zac confirmed, we are rooting for the Giants. I told him i was cause i feel like they are the underdogs! and he said yes babe, were rooting for the Giants. We are heading over to Uncle Todd and Aunt Tarri's to watch the game and have some delicious foods! Tomorrow weight watchers officially starts long with p90x with ms sister! My goal is to be what i weighed when Zac and I met, which is A LOT less than i am now lol. This weekend I had a total of three photo shoots! It was such a beautiful weekend here. Now all i do is edit, edit, edit! Gage and I are sitting here watching Mickey Mouse Club house and hes falling asleep while i edit 300 pictures from the first shoot. I love it, but it takes FOREVER!!

Zac says they are up against 65 foot waves! At one point the ship was on stand-by because the weather was too bad to do anything! Keep praying :) Seriously, so many people are praying. God is so good.

Gage went with me on a photo shoot yesterday :) it was just my sister and her two friends... here he is :) This first picture is when he woke up after his LONG nap in the stroller:

i love that pouty face!

i love my little boy.

Gage and I have to stat getting ready for the Superbowl now, look for pictures later along with another post!

We love you Zac and are awaiting a new message! I am constantly praying, constantly faithful, and constantly missing and loving you. Gage is missing you so much.

Forever and ever, babe

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