Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Your Sweet, Sweet Voice

I'm so sorry, again, for those who are following the blog. I have been very bad in not doing this lately. A lot has been going on I wanted to get through before I posted again. So here we are :)

Its crazy how much ive learned to appreciate the little things again. I love Zac's voice. When we first started dating, I lived in Texas and he was here in Washington. All we had was talking. I ran everytime my phone rang, would pick up the phone, and here is the sweetest voice without him even trying, with this almost "smile" like tone in his voice. I have that back. We have been together 4 years this August, married a year in July. Time flies. And its so sad to me that couples lose sight of why they fell in love in the first place. I am in love with my husband. And the reasons why are more apparent to me each and every day. Even though I miss him, this has brought the best out in me, to be the best wife I can. I want to always keep this spark and fire under our relationship. Life happens, fights happen, sleepless nights happen, loss of appreciation happens. Life sets in and we start picking one another a part. And it takes something drastic to bring you back to why youre together in the first place.,, sad, but true.

I pray for not only my marriage, but all couples, that the spark will be kept alive. I pray that we will not let this go again. That we will always have our love in first priority. That instead of getting mad at Zac for putting candy wrappers under the couch, just let it go. Ask yourself this- is it really worth it? Having a marriage fail because of candy wrappers is silly. Not worth it to me :) There are much worse things that could happen.

Here is when Zac and i fell in love: well, a little after. This is when Zac came to texas, wed been dating for about 3 months at this point.

And here are some of my favorites after the last (almost) 4 years:

Still in Texas.

During my senior year.

JSB my senior year.

Zac had this written on my porch when i walked out the door...

And this he did so I could see it frrom my bedroom window...

I just love him, always have.

Halloween 2009

Summer 2010

My silly hubby and big prego me.

RIGHT AFTER  Gage was born...

Taking Gage for his first stroller walk. Now a family :) 3 is better than 2 :)

Spring 2011

Summer 2011

My 20th Birthday in Seattle. Please, look at the mustache. Sexy, huh?

Puyallup Fair 2011

Gage's First snow, after Zacs orientation, his last week here.

The morning I dropped Zac off at the Katie Ann. My goodness I miss his arms around me.

Sorry for all the pictures. I loved looking through them all just now finding my favorites. I just want Zac to know i love him, only him. And i never want to lose what we have. I cant wait to hear from yo again, babe. I cannot wait for the future we have a head of us :)

I love you,
forever and ever, babe.

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